Dr. Susanne L. Gee
Dermatology, Skin Care, and Cosmetic Surgery @ Skin Doc Shop
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Care Philosophy of Dr. Gee

I think patients want clear explanations of their skin conditions and they want to make informed treatment choices. I make every effort to provide this and to give my patients my best attention, courtesy, and care.
I think patients want to see the doctor and establish a professional relationship based on respect, honesty, and personal interaction. Most clinics shift the patients to alternative office staff rather than allowing the patient to see the physician. I evaluate and treat every patient who comes to our office.

About Us
Dr. Susanne L. Gee & Co., PLLC (also known as Skin Doc Shop) was founded in 2002 by Susanne L. Gee, M.D. We have grown into the successful dermatology clinic that we are today by doing what is best for our patients-- providing excellent quality service. Dr. Gee believes that the personal relationship between the physician and patient is key to the successful treatment of the skin. We know that by providing our patients with the concern, attention and customer service they deserve, our company will continue to grow and prosper.

Dr. Gee graduated from The George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. She has done extensive research in ultraviolet light, skin damage, and skin cancer at George Washington University. Dr. Gee received the William Beaumont Research Award and the Walter Rosenberg Award for interest, proficiency and scholastic achievement in Dermatology during her time at George Washington University. She graduated from her internship in internal medicine at Brown University in Rhode Island and entered a residency in dermatology at Wayne State University in Michigan where her family is located. Dr. Gee graduated from the dermatology residency in 1999 and relocated to Seattle, Washington, with her husband.

Board certified in medicine and surgery in 1996, Dr. Gee is currently medically certified and licensed in Washington, California and Michigan. Dr. Gee is also a registered dietitian and nutritionist with a Master’s Degree in nutrition. She was a licensed nutritionist in Los Angeles with her own practice prior to changing careers to medicine. Dr. Gee often relates dietary intake, foods and supplements to improving the skin’s condition.


4744 41st Avenue SW, Suite #104
West Seattle, Washington 98116

Contact Numbers
Phone: 206-932-3884
Fax: 206-932-3885
Email: info@skindocshop.com

Insurance Affiliations
Most insurance plans are accepted. Patients without insurance or patients with insurance plans with which we are not contracted, patients with cosmetic concerns that are not covered by insurance, and patients on limited insurance plans are also accepted. Financial plans available for cosmetic procedures.
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